Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our poor City!!!!

Christchurch has once more been brought to her knees today after suffering a 6.3 earthquake. Just as the city was beginning to get back to normal after the awful 7.1 quake in September last year and businesses were finally starting to see the light of day again we are now back to square one. This one hit at 1pm today, unlike the September one which happened in the very early hours of the morning, and consequently there were hundreds of people in the city at work and shopping. So far there have been 65 confirmed dead and the authorities are expecting a lot more as many people are still trapped in collapsed buildings. Although the first quake was bigger and a lot of damage was done, it was centred about 40km's away. Todays one was centred near the centre of town an therefore many buildings that were already fragile have now crumbled along with some that have quite literally fallen sideways even though they were relatively new buildings. But I think the saddest building tragedy is the destruction of the Cathedral...the whole spire has gone down and the inside is a complete mess.
We are having trouble with the internet here at present because of all of this and so I cannot post photos but there are plenty on the net to see just what this poor city of ours is having to deal with. Sleep well Christchurch, my prayers go out to those who have no home to sleep in tonight.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A tip for hoarders!!

Oh dear I'm feeling very guilty...I haven't posted for ages. But I have a very good excuse...I've been helping a friend pack up and sort stuff to sell online and move house. And it's been a massive job. You see she is a hoarder, even worse than me in fact and that's saying something!! Well the stuff we've come across all under the label of "well I was going to do this with that and I was goinbg to that with this". And then after finally deciding she's not ever going to get around to some of these things we've had to sort out what they're worth, photo them and load them on to Trade Me (like Ebay) and try and sell stuff. Huge job!! I've stayed at her place to help with all this so consequently I haven't scrapped or taken any photos of much. (In fact I'm posting from her computer now.) February is looking pretty light in the "this is what I've done this month" photos. I think it's going to be slim pickings. And the tip for all you hoarders...Use it, mend it, change it, fix it, do it up or get rid of it - now! or you too may be faced with the awful feat my friend has been through just lately.
Anyway that's the reason I haven't posted. The good news though is my divided page protectors have finally arrived...yay!!!!  So at least I have been able to finish off January which I'll show in my next post.
So happy decluttering fellow bloggers till next time.xx

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Primo".....now this is something a bit different!!

Well I said last time that I'd tell you about this very cool little cafe called "Primo" that we went to the other day. About an hour and a half south-west of Christchurch is a very small country town called Methven. It's nothing much really, a farming community mainly. We were there to do a site check, Neil needed photos of the local Four Square supermarket as he's doing some new signage for them. After he'd got what he needed we had a walk around the township which took all of 10 minutes and decided to get something to eat. I don't know what it was that made this place stand out but from across the road it looked quirky so we decided to give it a try.

Well, what an amazing place!!...it was absolutely brimming with all sorts of second hand goods....crockery, furniture, linen, clothing, jewelery, books, magazines and knik knaks galore. And everything was for sale, even the tables and chairs where you could sit to eat and the plates they served your food on and the cutlery.
The first thing I thought when I walked inside was that it made me think of Elsie Flannigans "Red Velvet Store". You know...Elsie Flannigan....who was really big in scrapbooking a while back and had her own line "Love Elsie" with KI Memories. Well if you don't already know she has an amazing blog at abeautifulmess.typepad.com (sorry but I still don't know how to add links yet so if anyone can tell me I'd really appreciate it), where she talks about her shop, amongst other stuff, which is all retro clothing and homewares plus she recycles and makes new stuff out of old. It's very cool and this is how I imagined her shop to be. Her sister runs a cafe in the shop as well. Have a look, it's fascinating.
Anyway, this place..... Just amazing huh!!!
And one of the best things?? The food and coffee was scrumptious! All healthy, organic, very European looking and quite unexpected for where we were. I could have spent ages wandering around looking at everything but I only had 20 mins and the one thing I would have liked to buy someone else got to before me. It was an Irish linen tea towel in perfect condition with the blue and white Willow pattern design for only $10. Never mind, I was obviously not meant to have it. I will just have to go back one day for a drive and spend a bit longer there to snoop around. So that was our little adventure.
The last few days I've been putting together my January pages for my Document 2011. I'm still waiting for my divided page protectors to arrive but I understand they are on their way...yay!! So as soon as they get here I'll finish it all and load it up on here to show you. Well the stomach is growling so must dash to put some dinner together. Have a great weekend. xxx

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A long post 'cos it's February already!!

I can't believe how fast the last couple of weeks have gone. So what have I been up to??? Plenty!! First, yes I have been trying to catch up on my Christmas Journal and just to prove it here's another page:

I've done quite a few more as well but I thought as Christmas seems soooo long ago now I'd wait until it's all done and show you the finished product.
And I do have a very good excuse for why it's not finished.....you see I decided that all (well 99%) of the journalling would be done on the computer and wouldn't you know it, I ran out of ink!!! I just haven't had a chance to go and get more and I now have quite a few pages just waiting to be put together once the journalling is printed out. 
But I haven't been idle....this arrived the other day:

 The album is for my Document 2011 that I'm doing this year based on the one that was around last year, designed by Shimelle and put on UK Scrappers. I got so inspired when I saw my friend Laura's (sorry Laura but I don't know how to put a link in yet) that I decided I just had to do one for myself. I think I've even spotted this album in her collection too, along with another one in Black and White, that I have on order at present, that I just fell in love with. As you can see I got some 12x12 page protectors as well but  my biggest problem has been tracking down the divided page protectors in 4x6 horizontal. I found only one shop in the whole of NZ that had them only to find out they were actually out of stock!!Bummer I thought and started looking through out Australia. When I finally found them again I had trouble trying to put my order in online. Well by this time I was beginning to think maybe I wasn't meant to make this album or at least not with these page protectors. Anyway to cut a long story short I finally contacted the owner and sorted it all out and they are on their way now.... yay!!!!
So I started collecting photos and memorabilia. I decided what my highlight page was going to be about and I've done that already and I have most of the bits for my front envelope page. So as SOON as my divided pages arrive I can put January together and show you. And yes I finally bought my first Glimmer Mist...can't wait to have a go with it.

So what else have I been up to?? Well I got to see this guy live!!!

It's not a very good photo but incase you haven't guessed, it's Joe Cocker....an all time fav of mine. Standing there listening to some of his stuff I felt I was 14 again. Truly magical!! And the bonus was that George Thorogood was on before him for an hour or so. Great night.
I also bought myself a couple of bits. Been trying very hard to get into a routine of going for a walk every morning. So I thought these might help:

Aren't they amazing!! And really comfy too. And of course a girl has to have a bit of music on the way so I take my ipod with me naturally. Now with new shoes I needed my ipod to be just as stylish so when I saw this cover I just HAD to have it!!:

Being a Black and White lover especially these scrolly designs around at the moment, I knew it was meant to be mine.
So now I'm all set and there is no excuse not to go out each day, which I've done consistently for the past week. Well I think I've rabbited on for long enough now. Next post I'm going to tell you about an amazing little Cafe/Second Hand shop I came across the other day. Truly ingenious!! So till next time be happy. xx