Monday, March 21, 2011

An emotional month...

What a busy old month February was!! Between selling heaps of stuff on Trade me for a friend, planting up the front garden, sending a birthday present to my youngest granddaughter in Australia who turned one (whom I haven't met yet), starting my new embroidery project, the excitement of having Shimelle stay AND the disasterous earthquake, well it was emotional to say the least. And this month has turned out to be pretty busy too. But I finally got my Document 2011 Feb pages finished yesterday.
I did manage to get a quick squizz at a couple of lovely mags I bought...I've discovered the UK Country Living ones, just Gorgeous! And there's a new one sitting on the coffee table right now for me to drool through too.

I also found out that one of our local supermarkets, that's just been all upgraded, has put in the most fantastic bakery section selling absolutely divine cakes, slices and cupcakes. My first try was a scrumptious piece of Coffee Gateaux...mmm mmm!!
And I started growing a Kumara pot plant....have you heard of this idea?? I remember my grandmother doing it years ago and I just fancied something green and growing in the house. You just cut a Kumara (or Sweet Potatoe for you Englandites) in half, put 3-4 toothpicks in around the base (about 1/2"-1" up from bottom), fill an old jug with water that it will sit in so just the base under the toothpicks sits in the water (the toothpicks sit on the rim of the jug so the Kumara doesn't fall in) and hey presto...just wait for it to start sprouting lovely luscious green leaves. After a while they will start to bend over and spread their tendrils. They can grow really big and all you have to do is to top it up with water. The roots form a huge mass in the jug...I reckon it was the first hydroponic plant grown.

So then it came to the Highlight page. Well obviously I intended it to be about having Shimelle stay so Voila!!

But of course there was also the Earthquake on the 22nd so I did another Highlight double page layout. The first page about where I was when it hit and the second an assortment of photos I got off the net of some of the damage done to Christchurch.
And for any of you that has been following the news, you may have heard that there was a prediction of another big coming yesterday (20th March) all to do with the alignment of the moon. Well after spending several days getting a survival kit ready and making sure we knew exactly what to do in case, I decided if it was going happen I wanted to be doing something I loved so I spent all day scrapping and then we went out to catch up with friends later in the afternoon. When we got home we settled down to watch a DVD (a Harry Potter one) and I was just getting in to it and WHAMMO!! 9.47pm we had a 5.1 which shook the whole house for about a minute...very scary and very upsetting!! Thankfully though that was it. The prediction had been for an 8+ so I'm very pleased it was smaller and not a lot of damage done.
So that was my eventful weekend and I'm still here alive and kicking ready to carry on. So now to start concentrating on my March pages. xx


  1. Were you really nervous about posting on the forum? You did it right and your blog posts read as if you are here talking to me. Have to say I was stunned when I read that you had Shimelle stay with you and even more so that you are in Christchurch. I pray that things are improving there. I look forward to getting to know you through Blogging for Scrapbookers, this is round 2 for me, you'll meet some amazing women!

  2. Agree with Beverly. Also, I really like your "monthly page" for February and January. What a neat idea. See you at BFS.