Sunday, March 13, 2011

I had a yearning to create....

After all the turmoil and anguish we've been living with and hearing about since the earthquake in February I felt the need to create....not just scrapbooking, but to create something "homey". So many people have lost their homes and I'm so grateful we weren't one of the statistics. I felt I needed to do something that gave me sense "carrying on" and continuing the quest to stamp my influence into the house we live in. For last few weeks I've been watching "Kirstie's Homemade" on the TV, with Kirstie Allsop. Every week she learns a new craft and one week she visited "Emily Peacock" a renowned UK embroiderer. They were making one of the cushions in the above photo and I fell in love with them. But when I discovered they were 96 pounds for each kit I decided it was a bit out of my league. Sooooo.....

I found a similar font I liked and blew it up to size I wanted. Then I got some graph paper and transposed them over so they fitted the graph scale.

This bit was quite hard and very tiring on the eyes, particularly making the curves fit into the grid. Next I went and bought some tapestry fabric and centred it up with embroidery thread.

I already had an idea of the colours I wanted to use so that was the next go and buy the wool.

Aren't these colours just GORGEOUS!!!
And so I started my tapestry cushion which is eventually going to say "HOME"

I've actually done a little more than what this photo shows and I'm really enjoying doing but of course ever impatient me, I can't wait to get it finished. I'll pop in more photos as I progress with it.

So that's what's kept me occupied in the evenings for the last couple of weeks. I have done some scrapping as well but that for a whole other post in a few days. xx

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