Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Special House Guest in amongst the Turmoil.

It is 1st March and nearly a week since the devasting earthquake here in Christchurch. Our city landscape will never look the same again. I have heard many people say that it reminds them of the London Blitz. I think the photo below says it all.

It just looks like a bomb has been dropped in the middle of the city and it has then covered the debris in a cloud of dust. It has left lots of people wondering how we will ever rebuild our beautiful town. The lucky ones like me have all facilities, but there are thousands of people left with no power, no water, no form of communication, some have no homes anymore and worse still many are left grieving for those who have lost their lives in this awful disaster. May they all Rest in Peace.

And so, for me, it was a welcome relief, amidst all this saddness and tragedy to be able to offer my hospitality to a travelling scrapbooker whom I have admired for many years. To my delight, Shimelle Laine, from the UK, came and stayed a night with her husband Ben while they were travelling through New Zealand.

Unfortunately their plans for sightseeing through the "Garden City" (Christchurch) and further afield through the rest of the South Island had to change because of the earthquake. They were concerned that as tourists they would be taking spare accommadation that would be needed by families fleeing the city so decided to go back to the North Island and just spend their allotted time there. So they stayed the night with us and Shimelle was at least able to get some urgent work done on the internet that evening. The next day we took them up to Oxford for brunch at Seagers Cafe where Shimelle and I enjoyed Waffles. A drive through the Ashley Gorge and then out to the airport to see them off after a coffee.

I certainly enjoyed meeting them both and hope that one day they can return to see the real beauty of the South Island. And having them with us and being able to "talk scrapbooking" and "England" was certainly a nice distraction from all the earthquake drama going on around us. And thankfully we didn't feel any aftershocks while they were here either.
Well it's that time again so I will be back again soon with my latest creative "doings".xx

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