Tuesday, March 22, 2011

True Inspiration...

Well I was sitting here this morning wondering how the heck I was going to get my head around all the new "technology" I'm about to learn in Shimelle's new online class I'm taking - Blogging for Scrapbookers - particularly after several attempts to make a small enough avatar for my forum profile and trying to download a "blogroll" on to my blog had failed miserably. I accidentally managed to get onto the Google Reader thingy so that made me feel a bit better. And I think I've found an easier way to upload photos onto my blog with out it taking 15 minutes for each one, after figuring out how Picasa Web Albums work (sort of LOL!!) So I thought to myself "Oh well just concentrate on the first prompt and think about what you want to achieve out of this course"....

New friends (obviously)
Technical Information and help ( I really am quite computer illiterate) and
Inspiration on how to make my blog interesting, chatty and informational for those who might read it.

And while I was doing that I thought I'd just see who was on Oprah today...if you've read my blog profile you'll know I adore her. Well who should it be but "Barbara Streisand", a woman who has inspired me since the age of 13 when my Grandmother took me to see the movie "Funny Girl". I was entranced for the whole hour of the show! If I was ever asked the question "who most would you like to share a day with?" it would be these two ladies. And after thinking about all the struggles they've been through to achieve what they wanted to do in life I thought surely little old me can get my head around a few techy gliches on this blooming computer.

So I came to start this post feeling much more inspired and what did I see?... a lovely lady by the name of Beverley had already commented on my last post and become a follower. So now I'm feeling really chuffed. So onward and upward on this blogging adventure. I need to keep remembering what Shimelle says...this is supposed to be fun and if your stressing then it's not fun. So no more stressing today. xx

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  1. From one BFS-er to another: congrats on your new blog and good luck in the class. I hope you enjoy both. It looks like you've made great progress so far. In fact you've encouraged me to go look at my own blog and figure out followers. See you around!