Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I haven't vanished....

A very belated Happy Easter to you all.
I just don't know where the time has gone. I've been nowhere near blogland for nearly 2 weeks and I know there is so much to catch up on what everyone's been up to. I wasn't very well for a while a week or so back (just seasonal flu but it wiped me out) and then just as I was coming right I had someone ask me if I could put together a 21st album for them in a hurry.... they needed it in 3 weeks. Needless to say I've been scrapping my little heart out all day every day for the the past week. I've got 2 weeks to go but I've done about 2/3rds of it.
I did manage to squeeze in a couple of pages for myself though of my grandchildren.

All totally handmade with templates and punches and no store bought embellishments. I really enjoyed getting back into the whole thing of cutting out with scissors and using pens and handwriting.
My other news is that next saturday I'm going up to the North Island to spend 2 weeks with a very dear friend just to have a wee break. I'm afraid the earthquakes and aftershocks have played merry hell with my nerves so it will be nice to spend some time not waiting for the next one to hit. We plan to scrap the whole time so I'm treating it like a retreat. And of course I will have this 21st album to finish first before I do my own stuff.
Well I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and that the weather was as nice where you are as it was here.xx


  1. Bravo for using all handmade embellies! Wonderful that you will have some relaxing time away, I'm sure it will do you a world of good :)

  2. Sorry you have been out of it. Great to see you are up an about. I am trying to keep up with BBFS at the mo!

  3. Hope you're enjoying your 'retreat'. I shall look forward to seeing the evidence lol